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Welcome to Team 128's website! The Botcats

Team 128 is a FIRST team from Grandview Heights, Ohio.

Welcome to our website! This website is meant as a way for others to learn about us and for us to document the progress we have made. Our school has a Jr.FLL (K-3rd grade), a FLL Team (4th grade-8th grade), and a FRC team (9 - 12th grade) The FRC team runs the FLL tournment. This years event is Ultimate Ascent.

Team History

The Botcats started as Team TOGA in the fall of 1996 as a partnership between our Grandview Heights High School and The Ohio State University. When our partner's enthusiasm waned, we leapt out on our own for the 2001 season, and we've never looked back! We were greater than ever that year, becoming National Division Finalists. In 2002 we started recruiting engineers who shared our philosophy that the students should truly learn engineering by being the real dreamers, leaders and problem-solvers during robot design and construction. We rose to the 2005 challenge of losing all three of our engineers during the same season, by pulling together and designing a great robot, which won the Pittsburgh Regional! Since that victory we've successfully recruited three engineers and a machinist in 2006, and two more enigneers, plus three assistants, in 2007. In 2008, we started to see our team alumni joining the ranks of team mentors. All our adult team members are true mentors: teachers, guides, role models. They're all great and with their help, we're greater in turn.

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Current team 2013


Year First Name Last Name Grade
1 Isiah Lloyd Freshman
1 Kevin Daniel-Hamberg Freshman
1 Elizabeth "Liz" Ritz Freshman
1 Joe Pinney Sophomore
1 Leo Readey Sophomore
1 Anna Xu Sophomore
1 Colin Elliott Freshman
2 Ike Dunaway Sophomore
2 Sierra Dobbs-Brown Junior
2 Grant Varner Sophomore
3 Alex York Junior
3 Zach Brannan Junior
3 Mary Kate Dempsey Junior
4 Ben Brannan Senior
4 Adam Cincione Senior
4 Zach Clemens Senior
4 Alex Cochran Senior
4 Andy McCauley Senior
4 Kyle Modlich Senior
4 Abby Riggs Senior
4 Luke Snider Senior
4 Maddy Varner Senior
8 Chase Douglass Senior


Our Mentors are the heart of our team. We thank them for their commitment to team 128.

  • Student Designed *
  • Student Built *
  • Student Run *

*Mentor approved

Year First Name Last Name
Susan Godez
4 Ashleigh Alexander
5 Grant Douglass
10+ James Hamberg
7 Peter Orban
5 Genevieve Ritz
7 John Sgueglia
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The Grandview Heights Bobcat Boosters

FIRST Dean's List Winner Award (Chase Douglass)

Genevieve Ritz & Stephanie Lepsik, Proud Alumni

Team 128 Parents

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Intertech Foundation

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